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LeeAnn's Mission | LeeAnn Taylor

LeeAnn’s Mission

| LeeAnn’s Mission
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My Mission

My Mission

Coleman-Family-107-cropMy mission is to serve as an active messenger. I am a leader and healer to spiritual seekers of enlightenment. I bring hope, clarity, and connection with the Divine in an accessible way to provide insights into the higher capacities, spiritual attributes and origins of all people. I believe that every person can communicate, conduct with, and experience Heaven now. I share my knowledge and understanding with others through sacred writings, one-on-one mentoring, and spiritual gatherings. My goal is to create openings whereby we can all connect beyond the veil and experience the Sacred for ourselves in a worldwide promise.


My Vision

My vision is to share my direct connection and knowledge of the Divine to offer:

  • HOPE: I bring a message of hope and light.
  • WISDOM: I offer insights into the higher capacities and spiritual attributes of all people.
  • VISION: I present a view of humanity’s next age of evolution.
  • COMMUNITY: I gather leaders, teachers, and healers who share light with the world.
  • CONNECTION: I serve as a messenger to the seekers of enlightenment.


Who I Serve

I support individuals at every stage in their journey to enlightenment. I serve and work with everyone, from the downtrodden in need of hope, to the active learners seeking training, to the healers and spiritual teachers aiming to strengthen their higher understandings and their communities. I believe that every person can communicate with and experience Heaven.


My Work With The Hopi

LeeAnn's mission to work with the Hopi

Since 2010, I have been engaged with the Hopi people in a sacred work guided by the Light. I arrived on the doorstep of the Medicine Man and Grandfather Martin, delivered a message provided by Spirit, and broke bread with them. Since that time, they have welcomed me into their homes, their ceremonies, and their hearts. The great people of the Hopi Nation are gracious, warm, and have a rich spiritual heritage; their light is an opening for all nations of indigenous people. I conduct yearly “Plantings in the Village” to bring hope and color to their homes, with a team of trained volunteers who unite in reverence for the renewal of this sacred Tribe. We give high respect and regard to the work we do there, and come together during these plantings to create a gateway for the unity of all people as One Clan. See more of LeeAnn’s work with the Hopi

Who I Serve

I support individuals at every stage in their journey to enlightenment. Read More...

Why I Serve

My vision is to share my direct connection and knowledge of the Divine. Read More…

How I Serve

I offer mentoring, spiritual events, and learning opportunities. Read More…